INVISIBLE Dodgeball Challenge!


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Table Saw Bowling Challenge! ➡ Throwing Things Into A DANGEROUS Ceiling Fan! ➡ We finally got so sick of each other that we decided to play a challenge where the loser disappears forever!! Invisible dodgeball is the HARDEST DODGEBALL GAME IN THE WORLD :P Vote On Upcoming Videos and Thumbnails! Vote Now! ➡ Twitter ➡ Instagram ➡ If you love our content here at Hi5 Studios, then make sure to check out some of these awesome videos by other channels on our network! DOPE or NOPE ➡ 10 Of The World's Smallest Products That Actually Work! Matthias ➡ Flying My BIGGEST FAN To Visit Hi5 Studios For A Day! Battle Universe ➡ NERF Don't Shoot Too Soon Challenge! Get Good Gaming ➡RPG VS. ROCKET CAR BATTLE! | GTA5 Fail Time ➡ Reacting To The World's Most Unsatisfying Video! Totally Trendy ➡ 10 Minute Dollar Store DIY Challenge! Woods ➡ Boss Paid Everyone To Go To Disneyland! Team Edge ➡ Don't Let the Giant Water Balloon Hit You Below the Belt!