Soban - Dear Hater, ... ft. Conan (Official Music Video/ Beatbox Diss Track)

Soban Raaj

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Long overdue reply. Obviously my first time doing this. Great experience learning up the need-to-knows and executing this whole thing. If he wants seconds, I'd be down. Your move, hater. Anyway, thank you for watching this video! Hopefully, you enjoyed it. If you did, make sure to give it a thumbs up, share it around and SUBSCRIBE! ;) Don't forget to follow me on social media platforms to stay updated! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Follow Co-nan and YuVisuals here! If you are a Malaysian beatboxer or just generally love beatboxing, follow these pages. Malaysian Beatboxers: Beatnation: Check out these links in relevance with this video and the peeps in it. Have a good day, peace and love! :) #thankyoufora100subs #beatboxismusic #exsynergymemberdisstrack